Finding inspiration from family

It's almost Thanksgiving, and I'm knee-deep in a new series of illustrations. I was born in the mid-1970's and early on, my Mom worked days at the Lake Forest Library while my Dad worked nights, so many of my early days were spent with my Dad. We have a bond to this day that I know goes back to those lazy days together, looking at bugs and taking walks and having tea parties. One thing my Dad did for me from day one was to include me in his life, not regardless of my gender, but because I was his little person. When he worked on his old car (a really cool one), little toddler me would be out there with him, looking under the car, checking under the hood, and taking it out for a test drive. What happens when you drive a little three year old girl around in a '54 Jag? She grows up to really love cars! :)

All of this is the back story to tell you about my new series: Gift Delivery. I credit my Dad, Dr. Photo, with the inspiration for the VW Bus. I was 5 when our family got our *first* bus. My folks pulled up in front of my Kindergarten in a brand new 1980 two-tone blue VW vanagon. Since then, they've had a newer vanagon, a passat, a scirocco, and a VW CC.

I hope you enjoy my Gift Delivery series! All designs are available for license or purchase, please get in touch for details:  

Wishing you and yours a happy Thanksgiving from One Little Printshop. Here are a few family photos from over the years, from my Dad as a teen when he first got his racecar, to his newest VW-CC, in which he drives my son Max (5).  

I'd love to hear from those of you who love cars, bikes, trucks, any quirky old vehicles!