MATS Home Decor

I'm a fan and repeat participant in Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau's fabulous Home Decor course, which is a super-intensive five week program with each week focusing on a new substrate. I took this course last summer, but wanted to go through it again for several reasons. This time around, I took a different approach: going in, I knew I wanted to come out the other side with a cohesive collection. I also brainstormed for a way to keep my focus, despite all the mountains of information, inspirations, and distractions that come when taking a course like this. Going into it, I decided to approach the collections as though I were designing and illustrating for a dream client: Vuokko Nurmesniemi. I found this approach incredibly helpful and I credit my fellow art collective member Mara Penny with the idea. 

I'm sharing my five weeks' worth of work, and hope you enjoy! I was designing to a mood board for a beach / seaside cabin. I'd love to hear your feedback!